Logo Design

How to Design Your Business Logo

A logo is a graphical representation of your business name created as a figurative design or a wordmark presented through the text of the name. It can be in various formats like jpeg, gif etc. to be used in any media.

Blog logo design

You already connect to your readers with your words, but don’t forget you need a logo that will serve the same function. Maximize your online presence with a logo that stays true to who you are.

If you’re looking for blog logo inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! Browse blog logo designs from companies big and small, and see what colors, fonts, and symbols resonate with customers in this industry. When you’re ready to get a logo for your business, try our AI-powered logo maker for free! ss

The Importance of Having a Coat of Arms or Shield Logo for your Business

You probably want to create a logo that will leave both a lasting impression and message, especially if you have just started your company.

A logo can certainly help you be respected as a business, as well as give you authority and notoriety. What can you do then to do it right? Think of all the establishments that inspire confidence. You will notice that several major universities or luxury companies have a shield or coat of arms as a logo. Why not do the same?

Why is a Logo Important?

A logo is your business identity. In the digital or in the traditional brick and mortar world, the logo becomes the first step to recognition on part of the customer. You can use our custom design option for an eye-catching and memorable logo to guarantee brand recall.

An online software for a logo design will help you design a template using algorithms that work within your specific industry. Making the design has never been simpler.

Make a Brand Logo

A logo is just a symbol vs a brand logo that is a recognizable element of your business. Choose the right font, color and symbol and you create the perfect sign.

Choose the Right Color(s)

To choose the right color for your logo refer to a color wheel so that the color palette does not create a conflict in the message. Be sure to understand color psychology and what they stand for as well as, whether they match your industry type or not.

In our free logo maker studio, you can click on the color picker to play around with different colors and implement on your free logo design template.

Choose the Right Font

Fonts need to be chosen from the right family as certain combinations just do not work together. Each font has a distinct personality and understanding that Geometric Sans is more modern and humanist sans goes well with a non-profit can help you make the right typeface choice.

Choose the Right Symbol

When choosing a symbol for your logo there are three things to consider. 1. Understand your brand’s personality or culture. 2. Understand your audience and target them for memorability. 3. Choose a design associated with your business industry. Each industry has its own symbol type that automatically helps your customers associate your business with it.

Logo Maker vs Custom Design

Should you get a custom logo design made or use a template-based logo maker tool? The choice depends on your budget, time and capability.

Logo Maker

•  Quick, you can make a logo in minutes.

•  Has packages, so get all elements of business branding (business card to website).

•  Industry, most logo templates follow industry color, symbol and font schemes.

•  Customizable, add company name, change color, font, and style as needed.

•  Affordable, as there are no hidden costs.

Custom Logo

•  Utilizes crowdsourcing so you get many designs.

•  Affordable, as you name your own price (starts higher).

•  Global, as designers are based around the world

•   Guarantee, most platforms offer money back if not satisfied.

•   Rework, designs can be revised and tweaked.